Fresh produce at Big Grass Outfitters

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There is no shortage of veggetables, and wild fruit for to be put away for later. SAskatoons for Crisps for desert after a hunt , Raspberry jam for the toast in the morning or on fresh biscuits, and potatoes to go with Roast turkey or Beef for the hearty meal before bed.

Spring Black Bear baiting

imageimageimageBear baiting done. Wow snow, water, mud, dust, sun, clouds, rain, wind  all in one day. You never know what kinda day you might hav in the woods.  But great part of spring bear baiting was the frost was still on the ground in the spruce swamps which made the Job much easier.  A little sign showed but not much, with temps freezing most nights the bears are not really moving and looking for food.

Feeding Birds in Manitoba in the spring

IMG_5744IMG_5738Every winter Judy spends hours sitting at the window by the bird feeder. We take time in the morning to see what is coming Blue jays, siskins, chickadees, Downy and Hairy woodpeckers, nuthatches, Red poles, Grosbeks Evening and Pine. Now spring is in the air, many have left, Grosbeks are gone and we are seeing the odd Ruffy grouse scouting past the feeder. on the left this Ruffy roaster struts his stuff trying to attrack a girl in the area. Canadian geese are sitting out back clucking away trying to impress their partner and beginnings of making nests have begun. we put a couple bales out back on the big slough for the geese to make nests on. hopefully I can use digital camera and get some good shots of the gosslings. IMG_4770IMG_4772

Big Grass Cabin Rentals

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Mr Bear has some amazing stories after all these years, and all the people who hav partied in the Lodge.  Lacey and her friends returned again this weekend for a fun filled  weekend.



Red Tailed hawk sits on a bale waiting for a mouse or something to move so he can have some dinner.. we have many Red Tailed Hawks in the area, they are great to keep rodents down but they are very hard on the small Sharpe Tails and Ruffed Grouse in mid summer..

Stealth trail camera

moose magpie doeOver the summer the Stealth has captured some awesome pics of what is happening out on the back 40.   This Big old Bull moose in late September rubbing his horns on the small willows at the beginning of the Rut..  After a crazy windy day in Manitoba a tree was blown over to fall in view and this sassy Magpie spent a lot of time in view. then the capture of this lone coyote while Sassy was on the branch… And earlier in the summer this doe checks to see who else is visiting the area…

Clean trucks in Manitoba for Big Grass


Woweee and we have clean vehicles.. Dodge Ram was caked with mud on the under side , wheelwells and all over… Our last days of hunting were wet and the Mud seemed to STICK…  But now Tom has it all Cleaned up!

Fall harvest in Manitoba

bales combinesHarvest is well under way in the area, 50% of our cereal crops have been done and much canola is swathered waiting to be combined… We are seeing good migrations of snows arriving to the area..

More Bears at Big Grass

imageimageimageLast weekwe had bear scat, this week we have foot prints down the lane and across the garden to the Raspberries which I hav started to pick. I share with the birds but not sure if I will share with Mr Bear. We may hav to bring out the 410 to tell him to stay away! No wild berries this year the 2 year olds are hungry.

Spring Bear Family

imageJoseph caught 3 and their Mamma at a bait in Spring. Lots of goofing around and great footage. The sow will put the Cubs up the tree if she feels the Cubs are in Danger. Sows with Cubs are not allowed to be shot.